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Managing Business Waste: How Your Company Can Go Green

by Jurjen Zandvliet

More and more companies are making an effort to go green. A recent survey shows that 56 percent of respondents stated they would be willing to pay more to do business with an environmentally friendly company. One way you can tap into this market is by handling the waste your company produces in an environmentally conscious way. Here are just a few ideas to help your business go green.

Commercial Dumpsters For Recycling

Gone are the days when all your company's refuse ends up in large dumpsters. Today, you can use commercial dumpsters that are designed for recycling, which help you to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills. There are many options available to you, including:

  • Paper-only dumpsters, which are ideal for printing businesses
  • Cardboard-only dumpsters, which can be beneficial for shipping/receiving operations
  • Four-way sorting dumpsters, which can be used for retail store and restaurant recycling

Talk to your dumpster rental professionals about which options work best for your business needs and the available space you have for dumpster storage. Contact a company like ESP Dumpsters & Waste Services for more information.

In-Office Recycling Initiatives

Foster a sense of environmental responsibility with your staff by implementing recycling initiatives in the office. Use refillable toner cartridges instead of disposable ones, and encourage your employees to use reusable bottles instead of purchasing plastic water bottles. Place small bins under each desk for waste paper to be discarded, and empty the bins into your recycling dumpsters at the end of each day. You may even want to hand out an award each month to the employee who shows the biggest commitment to sustainability and recycling.

Get Your Customers Involved

You can get help from your customers to continue your commitment to environmentally responsible practices. If you run a retail or grocery store, encourage your shoppers to use recyclable bags instead of paper or plastic by offering a small discount. If you run an office, provide paper recycling bins for newspapers and other documents. Businesses of all kinds can create recycling areas for disposing of plastic bottles, paper goods and glass. Your customers and clients will see your green business practices in action and may be more likely to support you as a result.

Reducing landfill waste is one of the best ways to positively impact the world around you. Use these ideas as inspiration for your business, or come up with your own recycling and waste reduction plans to improve your company's reputation and to commit to environmental responsibility.