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3 Things You Do That Hurt Your Septic Tank

by Jurjen Zandvliet

If your home is connected to a septic tank, you need to do everything you can to maintain it. That means you need to be aware of things you shouldn't do in your home. Here are three things you do that hurts your septic tank.

1. Flushing anything except toilet paper and human waste down the toilet.

Your toilet wasn't made for you to use as a trash can. The only things you should flush are toilet paper and human waste. Everything else can not only clog your plumbing up, but can cause significant consequences for your septic tank.

For instance, toilet paper is formulated to break down in the septic tank. This enables the septic tank to accumulate more waste before it needs to be pumped. Things like paper towels, condoms, tampons, and other trash are not made to break down in a septic tank. Therefore, if it actually makes it out of your pipes and into the tank, it will cause your septic tank to back up and need pumping much sooner than usual.

2. Pouring grease down your kitchen sink.

It may seem harmless when you drain the grease off of food you just cooked down the kitchen sink. However, it can cause big problems for you. Not only can it lead to clogged up pipes, but it can also lead to problems in your septic tank.

Whenever grease cools down, it hardens into a solid. That solid then takes up space in your septic tank. And the blobs of greasy fat will also continue to accumulate the more often you pour grease down your kitchen sink. Much like the "fatbergs" that are found in city sewers, your septic tank will be overtaken by these fat blobs and cause it to back up into your yard or even in your house.

So, the next time you are cooking fatty meat, drain it into a disposable container and throw it in the trash can instead.

3. Misusing your garbage disposal.

So many people think they can put just about anything down their garbage disposal. After all, it is called a "garbage disposal," so why shouldn't be able to put any garbage in it to be disposed of?

The answer is quite simple: if you have a septic tank, the remains of the garbage you put in the garbage disposal goes right to it. The garbage disposal is meant to dispose of small amounts of food. That's it. It's not meant to break down chicken bones, cleaning chemicals, paper, or coffee grounds. For more information, talk to a septic tank pumping professional.