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Benefits Of Opting For A Septic Tank Installation Over A Sewer System

by Jurjen Zandvliet

When it comes to deciding on septic tank installation, you probably will not have much of a choice if you are buying a home that has already been connected to the local sewer system. However, if you are building your home from scratch, there are a number of benefits you could enjoy by opting for this type of waste management system.

It is economical

When constructing a new home, opting to build your own septic tank could end up being considerably cheaper than being connected to the sewer system. This is because a new connection would require you to install a new piping system that would enable you to direct waste into the public sewerage system. With the different sizes of tanks available, you could opt for something that is within your budget. Additionally, public sewer systems will charge you a monthly fee for their services. By having your own system, you will not be required to pay anything extra to your city's public services. However, it is good to note that you will still incur maintenance costs for your septic tank, as it will require pumping on occasion to reduce the buildup of waste.

It is the greener option

More and more people are looking for ways of reducing their carbon footprint. If you were looking to live in a residence that does not have a negative impact on the environment, then septic tank installation would be your best bet. Your tank could make use of the soil's natural filtering process at its drain field. This means that once the water penetrates the soil, the soil naturally filters out any bacteria that may be present. In addition to this, a personal septic system positively contributes to the local water table. Since the water used is recycled immediately, the soil benefits from the constant replenishment of ground water.

It has a long lifespan

In general, after septic tank installation you can expect it to serve you anywhere between twenty years and forty years. However, this will also depend on a number of factors. For instance, the material you choose will dictate the lifespan of your septic tank. Concrete tanks tend to have the longest lifespan, as they are not susceptible to rust. Another factor that would come into play is the maintenance involved in taking care of the tank. By engaging the services of professional septic technicians for regular cleaning and maintenance, you can have problems diagnose early and fixed before they cause further damage to your tank.

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