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Why You Would Want To Convert Roll-Off Dumpsters Into Housing For The Homeless

by Jurjen Zandvliet

Let's face it—it might not be the least insulting way to live, but it is entirely possible to convert roll-off dumpsters into a different type of mobile home. With so many homeless people struggling to stay warm and huddling near dumpsters anyway, why not convert clean and sanitized dumpsters into comfortable dwelling places for people who need them? It would not be the first time that such a conversion from poubelle (French for garbage, refuse) to palace has occurred There are several reasons why this would and could work, especially given the large homeless population in major metropolitan areas.

Examples of What Housing Conversions You Can Do to a Dumpster

One guy utilized the smallest dumpster available for his conversion. It had a sink, fully functional toilet, outdoor shower and a bed made from several padded chair seats. From the inside, it looks like the interior of a pop-up camper. To anyone who is homeless, it would be far more comfortable than sleeping on the street inside a cardboard box, plus a dumpster dweller could lock the door and never have to worry about claim jumpers in their absence. Any size dumpster (like those available from Western Disposal) then could be converted into a home, including 21 footers, which are practically the length and height of single story ranch homes already.

The Price of Each "Urban-Camouflaged" Home

Small dumpsters cost around $2,000, and the conversion process from dumpster to home is about another $1,000, give or take a few hundred. Larger dumpsters cost a few thousand more, but could be converted into family units to help parents and children stay together but still be safe until space opens up in a shelter or government-subsidized housing units. If the city and local governments would grant space to dumpster dwellers but also allow freedom to move their roll-off dumpster home anywhere they want, many homeless would not have to worry about warmth and where they will sleep, which is a common problem with overcrowded shelters in big cities.

Another Example of a Converted Container and Home Living

If the idea of converting dumpsters into homes for the homeless leaves you uncomfortable, then maybe converting shipping containers are more your style. For about the same price as a large dumpster-to-home/camper conversion, you could convert shipping containers. Where small dumpsters would provide all the basics of apartment living, converted shipping containers would provide a more upscale type of living for those with the ability to pay a little in rent each month. It would be the next step up when people who are homeless are trying to get past their current hardships.